Le Visage de Toujours

Le Visage de Toujours is an homage to all people of color on the continent of Africa and the rest of the world. Le Visage de Toujours is the French translation for The Face of Forever. As a woman of color, designer Margaux Wong wanted to highlight the extreme beauty, strength, generosity and excellence of people of color the world over.

This collection is the manifestation of a long-standing dream of designer, Margaux Rusita to create a collection which will mark a special time in history.

It is made of exquise faces, beautifully and skillfully hand carved into carefully selected cow horn, and expertly gilded brass details.

Each hand carved face is unique qnd one of a kind, creating a world of unique personalities, reflective of the world we live in.

Each ornate face is representative of a wonderfully created person of colour who has lived and will live on this earth for generations to come.

This is a collection for posterity, which will inspire nations to treasure their uniqueness and celebrate their creative giftings, whether in the Art, Sciences, Technology or any field where they have a natural gift of innovation.

Le Visage de Toujours is an encouragement for people of color to continue to take up space in their world and walk in light and purpose, as our ancestors did.

This Capsule collection has been 24 months in the making and consists of 11 striking designs in the form of rings, earnings, necklaces and bracelets.

Margaux's unique ability to create innovative pieces of art traditionally inspired, with a strong modern aesthetic, dominates this collection of truly Wearable Art.