Our SS21 collection is divided into 5 groups- Shield, Leaf, Glorious, Armour and Rooted.

The Shield and Armor groups are inspired by the relentlessness of the human spirit. These groups consist of plaque-like shapes, representing our ability to overcome any and every difficulty, obstacle and threat to our existence. In essence, we have the ability to rise up even after a fall and take dominion of our situations and lives.


The Leaf and Rooted

The Leaf and Rooted groups are a tribute to the beauty of Burundi’s natural landscape. It is deeply inspired by the green, lush, mountains and valleys and all the lovely green trees which line most of Burundi’s landscapes.

The leaves and intricately carved roots, embellished by hand cut brass, all represent the beauty and power of nature and its contribution to our well-being as humans simply existing on earth, observers and lovers of nature. Glorious is dedicated to my Arawak grandmother, Gloria, whose love of the circularity of life has greatly influenced me as a person and also as a sustainable Designer.


The cow horn and brass of each piece of jewelry are all circular in Shape and represent the beauty of the natural interdependency of humans and nature.